How to Grab Good Expired Domain Names

Ever wondered what happens to the domain names when they expire? They just go for the sale again? No, actually, the process is more complicated than you thought. It is a four step process explained in the chart below.

Expired Domain Names


What Happens to Expired Domain Names?

Most of the times process mentioned above is also not the exact process, domain registrars keep expired domains and put them on auction to get some additional revenue. The domain name is available for registration again, only when no one buys it in the auction. Its useless to search for a good domain name in auctions as there are already too many ready to spend money on good names. If you want to buy a good domain name, the best practice to get a good domain name for cheap is to look for domains after they have been rejected in auction.

How to Grab Good Expired Domain Names

There are some sites which shows recently expired domains, which you can buy.

1. allows you to find recently deleted domains only with .com and .net extensions. You can choose whether you want hyphen and numbers in domain names. There are other filters too to find more specific domain names like “search string”, maximum results per page, time of deletion etc.

If you are looking for any expired .com or .net domain, I would recommend you for this. But if you are looking for more specific perimeter to find domains like more extensions and domains with PR and Alexa, the next website I am talking about is perfect for that.


On you can find expired domains with all the extensions like .com, .net, .org, .co, .biz etc. This site allows you to use more filters than

Filters can be seen in the screenshot below, allowing you to choose domains from a wide variety of parameters.

Recently  Expired Domain Names

How to Choose a Good Domain Name?

Some rules which will help you choose a good domain name:

1. No Hyphen

You should not buy domain name with hyphens, because they seem to have problem with SEO. Because hyphen(-) is the same as a minus(-) sign. According to Google if you put a minus(-) sign before any word in Google search, Google will not include that word in the search. I myself have made this mistake by buying a domain with a hyphen.

2. No Number

Domain name should not contain numbers, the domains with numbers in it look fake or spam websites. Moreover the domains with numbers in it are considered less valuable.

3. Google Banned

Use this tool聽to check whether the domain has been banned by google or not, if its banned, it is as useless ass traffic lights in GTA. 馃榾

4. Fake PR

In the above mentioned sites, you may also find some domains with PR, to check the validity of PR always check backlinks to that domain, because obviously the PR is fake if there are no backlinks.

How to Find if PR is Fake?

Yes, you can check yourself if a domain is faking its page rank, no need to use unreliabe online tools.

I am taking the example of “”聽domain name here, which I found on According to the site, the PR is valid.

Recently Expired Domain Names

But as I said never trust on unreliable online tool to check the Page Rank.

Check it Yourself

Go to and type “”. In my case it will be””.

If you see something like the image below, then the PR is definitely fake.

Recently Expired Domain Names

Because we searched for “”, but the domain returned to us was””, this suggests that the PR is definitely FAKE.


If you want to find a good expired domain name, my suggestion is to check few things before buying

  • Hyphen
  • Nmber
  • PR validity
  • Backlink quality
  • Google Banned

Finally, the most important thing domain name should have a name related to your niche. But if you are buying it to resell, name doesn’t actually matter.

If you feel I missed any point or if you would like to add something, feel free to comment below.



  1. says

    Great post.. I just started flipping domains from expired have little bit confusion.. Is the domain expiry time of every domains are same ? What would be the perfect time to grab domains. I have most of the high PR domains already grabbed by domain broker we only get the remaining one.

  2. says

    Be careful with only looking at PR ex domains they can easily be faked, and also not widely mentioned they don’t carry the link power that they use to.

    Also here is another great options with picking up quality expired domains over at:

    Sachin, are you building any sites with your expired domains? If so, how are they performing for you?


  3. says

    Thank you for your article
    i learned about google banned history! And i have a question
    how to check backlink quality?
    This backlink part is no exist in this your article

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