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Sachin Verma is a student and blogger from India. He fancies himself a photographer, Genesis and WordPress enthusiast, blogger, web designer and developer, loves to play computer games. He is also into CPA, web designing and digital marketing.
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  1. says

    Sachin, no doubt it’s a great post. Social buttons are an important thing to blog or a website for sharing it on social media. Thanks for sharing this information with us. If you describe the process more convenient and comprehensively then it will be also useful for beginners.

  2. says

    Hi Sachin,
    thanks for this tutorial!
    I’m a complete beginner and I’d like to ask you if you can help me in inserting these custom share buttons after the post excerpts, but only in my home page: is there any “conditional” php code I can put
    in simple hooks or in the functions.php file? In the home page I use the “Genesis Featured Widget” and the “Genesis sandbox featured content widget”

    Here’s a screenshot to clarify where I’d like the buttons to appear (the site is online): https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/2001929/socks-studio-home.jpg,

    Thank you! (all help is appreciated)

  3. says

    Great tutorial on custom social buttons for the world’s greatest framework – Genesis. I’m also a Genesis lover myself. :D

    First time in this blog and it’s a happy to see you’re 19yrs just like me. I have a much faster solution for social buttons with Genesis child themes. That is Genesis Optimized Social Share plugin which does the task of adding social buttons without making a deadly impact to website loading time.

    I hope this plugin would do something useful to you.
    >>> http://wordpress.org/plugins/genesis-optimized-social-share/

    Best Wishes,
    Shyam Chathuranga
    Genesis Developer

  4. James says

    Hi, thanks for this tutorial. Please is there any way I can use this exact share button type on my blog that is not using Genesis? Please I need your help.

    • says

      Hi Chandan,
      I checked your site, I can’t see CSS there. If you have not added CSS from above, add it to style.CSS.
      You are also using WP Super Cache plugin, if you have added CSS clear your site’s cache from the plugin.

      • says

        Thanks for your quick response. I added the CSS code to the child theme’s style.css and the above function to functions.php., both at the end. But as you can see it’s still displaying horizontally and doesn’t show-up like your’s at all.

  5. adam says

    thanks for sharing this. but i have a question. It does not show the little twitter, Facebook and google icons when a chache plugin is enabled. when disable this, it shows them. I clear all chache. but still not showing the icons site apple tool box.com thanks

  6. Teo says

    And great article!
    Few things I am interested to know..

    How can I make the share buttons to show on top and below of the blog post?
    Is there a way to add the social buttons on the blog page, on top of each excerpt?


  7. says

    Thank you so much for this! Works great! I’m sure this is a basic thing to do but how do I position them so they are below the post instead of above the post?

    Also do you know of a way to add the dashicons so they can work almost as a widget where one could choose the social icons they want? Not so much for post share icons but instead for sidebar connect icons.

    Thanks again!

  8. says

    I figured out how to move the below post but would still love to know if you know of a way to add the dashicons so they can work almost as a widget where one could choose the social icons they want? Not so much for post share icons but instead for sidebar connect icons.

    Thanks again for the great tutorial!

  9. says

    Could you help me to integrate those buttons in the bootstrap theme of my website please, it would mean a lot for me and i would really appreciate it, thank you for your time :)

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